Monday, February 12, 2018

Why did Rachel Brand resign from the #3 job at Justice

Why did Rachel Brand resign from the #3 job at Justice?

NBC reported:

1. She was overwhelmed by work. She had 13 departments reporting directly to her, which means she was doing at least one and a half jobs even under ideal conditions, but four of her departments had no heads, and those jobs have remained unfilled, which means she was essentially working five to six jobs and getting paid for one. Given that she graduated from Harvard Law and clerked at the Supreme Court, that might not have been the best use of her talents.

2. She was afraid that in addition to all of that, she might also get the assignment to oversee the special prosecutor, in the event that Rosenstein is fired. The nature of that job would basically force her out of pure law enforcement and into the sphere of politics, a prospect she dreaded.

The DOJ did not agree with NBC's assessment.

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