307 Jimmy Buffett songs rated from top to bottom

307 Jimmy Buffett songs rated from top to bottom

My music-snob friends ridicule me for being an unapologetic Parrothead. Fuck ’em.

5 thoughts on “307 Jimmy Buffett songs rated from top to bottom

  1. As someone who’s such a parrothead that I actually have 13 rescued parrots and cockatoos in my house, I agree that “Pencil-Thin Mustache” should have been #1, and I might’ve put “Come Monday” at #2. Quite a few I would’ve ranked higher (“It’s My Job,” “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” “Sunny Afternoon” – a perfect Kinks song for Buffett) or lower. But I appreciate the effort, and I was happy to see the YouTube videos included “Ellis Dee,” his early stab at socially-conscious protest songs that actually named the poor ghetto kid in question “Ellis Dee” (Get it? Get it?!) It’s actually not a bad melody, but it would’ve been my choice for #307 just for that lyric alone.

  2. I’m a long time Parrothead, too. All lists are subjective, but I can’t figure out what this guy was smoking when he put this list together. Some of Bubba’s best are in his bottom 50 and some real clunkers make his top 30.

    1. The way I see it, at least he loves him some Coral Reefers. Top or bottom, who cares? (By the way, I also love He Went to Paris, but I guess I would never place it at #1. That seems like a real stretch.)

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