Putin says he might have made a tiny error

Putin says he might have made a tiny error

He claimed that Clinton campaign received 400 MILLION DOLLARS in contributions from people accused of tax evasion in Russia.

Turns out he meant to say 400 THOUSAND DOLLARS, per Russian state media.

Even that is wildly exaggerated. The actual amount is closer to 400 DOLLARS!

So Putin was close.

The Ziff brothers, the Bill Browder associates referenced by Putin, donated $1.7 million to various political groups and individuals in 2016, spread around to both parties. Of that, $1.1 million went to Democrats and $0.6 million to Republicans. Hillary actually received $17,700.

By the way,  Bill Browder is Putin’s sworn enemy, and the man almost single-handedly responsible for the Magnitsky Act, versions of which are slowly freezing the global assets of Putin and his cronies. In the hopes of discrediting Browder and countering the Magnitsky Act, Putin and his lackeys have accused Browder of just about everything they can think of.  “They accused me of being a serial killer; they accused me of being a CIA/MI6 agent determined to destroy the Russian government; and they accused me of somehow stealing $4.8 billion of IMF money back in the 1990s that was destined for the Russian Treasury.”

Magnitsky, by the way, was Browder’s lawyer.

And Browder himself, although born in Chi-town, is a British citizen, so Putin is barking up the wrong tree. Of course Putin knows he would go nowhere with the leaders of the UK, who are on to his baloney, so he is looking to work on a world leader who is a bit soft in the head and weak on the facts.

Gee, I wonder who he might have in mind.

Ya gotta give props to Putin. At least he doesn’t nickel-and-dime his lying. You think Trump told a whopper about his inaugural crowd size? Hah! Child’s play. Putin’s claim is roughly equivalent to Trump having claimed that the entire population of the universe was in Washington for his inauguration.

One thought on “Putin says he might have made a tiny error

  1. For my money, the fact that Bill Browder is Earl Browder’s grandson is by far the funniest bit of surreal theater.

    Earl Browder was the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the USA from 1930 to 1945. And consequently ground zero for Russian meddling in US politics in that time period.

    The fact that Browder is a financier who renounced his US citizenship for tax purposes is even more ironic.

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