Trump demonstrates that he has no understanding of the terms “England,” “Great Britain,” and the “United Kingdom.”

Damn, that guy is ignorant.

Which is OK. The world embraces ignorant guys.  If one is completely pragmatic, it is possible to argue that the world needs ignorant guys.

But maybe not as President of the USA.

“President Donald Trump once again displayed a fundamental misunderstanding of the very makeup of one of the United States’ closest allies, suggesting of Great Britain: ‘they used to call it England.'”

To review:

  • They still call England “England,” those tricky bastards!
  • “Great Britain” refers to the island that includes England, Scotland and Wales.
  • The “United Kingdom” is the name of the sovereign nation which includes all of the above plus Northern Ireland.
  • The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are part of separate arrangements, distinct from the U.K.

Fox News Division does a great job of debunking lies and misinformation

This is a brilliant business strategy of vertical integration. Sean Hannity spreads misinformation, which creates jobs for fact checkers in the legitimate news portion of the company, and makes Shep Smith look like an honorable genius! It’s as if Sherlock Holmes hired Moriarty to keep creating complex evil mysteries.