The Mets (??!!) scored 24 runs today

That’s their franchise record.

It was one of the few highlights in what has been a dismal year for the team, which is in fourth place in a five-team division, and always seems to have half the squad on the DL. Their offense has been so weak that their staff ace, Jacob de Grom, has been able to amass no better than a 7-7 record, despite leading the major leagues in ERA.

Their most consistent player has been an unheralded reserve outfielder named Brandon Nimmo. Who?? Well, whoever he is, I must congratulate their scouting staff on Finding Nimmo. (I apologize for that line. Irresistible impulse.)

The offensive explosion also provided one of the few seasonal highlights for Jose Bautista, who knocked in seven runs. He was once one of the most feared hitters in the game. In 2010 Bautista knocked 54 over the fence in the AL. The following year he hit 43 homers, adding a spectacular .447 on-base percentage. He finished in the top five in the MVP balloting in each of those seasons.  But those days now seem so long ago. Ol’ Joey Bats is definitely in the twilight of his career, perhaps past the twilight and all the way into darkness. He has battled to stay over the Mendoza line the past two seasons.

Lara Trump offers Omarosa a cushy job to keep quiet.

It still hasn’t sunk in to the Trumpites that Omarosa was taping everything. Omarosa released a tape backing up her story, as recounted in her book.

Lara then tried yet another lie, claiming that the tapes were edited or out of context, whereupon a producer from MSNBC pointed out that Omarosa had released the full version of very conversation, but that they had condensed the tapes for broadcast by eliminating irrelevant or mundane details.


I have to admit that I underestimated Omarosa. She has really outfoxed everyone, knows exactly how to manage the news cycle, and seems to be able to back up everything she says with irrefutable evidence.

Penn Jillette says tapes exist of Trump using racially insensitive language

Tom Arnold confirms that, and says he has also seen a tape of Trump calling his son Eric a “retard.”

I hate to admit it, but even if those tapes exist and are revealed, it probably will have no effect on Trump’s popularity. Everyone already knows he’s a racist. He started his political career by claiming Obama was born in Africa, for heaven’s sake, with absolutely no evidence to support that contention. The people who hate him hate his racism (among other things). The people that love him also know he’s a racist and either accept it or like him because of it.

The one place where this could hurt him is in the Congress. While congressmen can defend him if his racism is less explicit, they will have a difficult time defending his use of racial epithets.

Now here’s the difficult question. If outright racism is not the third rail for Trump, is anything? Let’s suppose the pee tapes are real and become public. Will that even have an effect on Trump’s supporters? I’m thinking it probably will not. He has black staffers who overlook his racism; he has religious followers who overlook his lies and infidelities. I wonder if he really is the Teflon Don.