“After outcry, Trump says White House flag will again fly at half-staff for McCain”

Apparently the White House needs one full-time employee to raise and lower the flag based upon Trump’s mood. As I’m sure you have read, Trump also quashed an official statement in praise of McCain.

As one former White House staffer put it, “Trump is nuts. This time really feels different.”

Trump now makes up his own approval ratings

He claims an approval rating of 52%. Nobody has been able to determine where he got the number from.

RCP shows that the polls range from a low of 41 to a high of 46. 538 shows the same.

538 also produces an adjusted rating which corrects the polls for their known bias (based on previous polls versus actual results). For example, Trump’s approval rating in Gallup and YouGov is adjusted upward, while the Rasmussen number is adjusted downward. After corrections, Trump’s approval rating ranges between 38 and 43.

However, several of the polls show Trump with 52% disapproval, and all of them show the disapproval column in a narrow range from 51 to 54. In fairness, the President may have misread the columns.

International Topless Day album

All of the pictures I clicked on were from the NYC parade, but the only place I could find them uncensored was on the website of the European Pressphoto Agency.

There must be many levels of irony there. Essentially, this means that the American women who uncovered their nipples in protest had them covered again by the American press! In essence, the press screamed “put your shirts back on”!