“Sessions Vows To Protect All Deeply Held Religious Bigotry”

“Sessions Vows To Protect All Deeply Held Religious Bigotry”

2 thoughts on ““Sessions Vows To Protect All Deeply Held Religious Bigotry”

  1. I’m agnostic, so all my bigotry is secular. But I support same sex marriage. I didn’t believe anything in the Constitution required the government to legalize same sex marriage, but I was quite happy when the NY State legislature passed a bill legalizing it. Then Anthony Kennedy disagreed with me about the Constitution (something he did from time to time) and my preferred policy goal was implemented in a way I disagreed with. I got over being upset about how it happened and was just happy people everywhere in the U.S. had the right.

    But there are others whose religious belief is that same sex marriage is immoral and sinful. They are entitled to that belief and that belief is 100% protected by the Constitution. Furthermore, most of those people who feel that way are good people who I would not describe as bigoted. My mother is uncomfortable calling it marriage and she is NOT a bigot.

    As I said, I support same sex marriage. But I am unhappy with what I feel is in some cases “sore winning.” There are plenty of bakers willing to make wedding cakes for same sex couples, what is gained by forcing this particular baker to design your cake, other than to punish him and/or force him to relinquish his sincerely held beliefs.

    The 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed to ensure that African-Americans could use all public accommodations. That law was passed because bigoted segregationists made up a large percentage of the owners of such establishments, especially in the South. The law was passed to ensure access, not for the purpose of punishing bigots. That was just a happy bonus. I don’t know what % of bakers refuse to design cakes for same sex weddings, but I believe that if the same % of businesses in the South in 1964 were refusing to serve African-Americans, the ’64 Act might not have passed because it wouldn’t have been seen as a major problem.

    I don’t know. But I think that over time the % of people who believe SSM is immoral will drastically decline. People will get used to it. Unless perhaps if they feel persecuted for their beliefs and become bitter.

  2. It’s rather sad when the most accurate summary of a Government action is from the Onion.

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