The Ten Worst Performers in the history of Dancing With The Stars

The Ten Worst Performers in the history of Dancing With The Stars

This list was made before Kareem appeared on the show. I doubt that he could have unseated Master P or Steve Wozniak or Jeff Ross, but he was probably a bottom five. OK, the guy is seven feet tall and in his seventies, but even allowing for that, he barely moved.

Some of the choices seem arbitrary. Jerry Springer should not be on the list. He is no Michael Jackson, but he was fairly graceful, and finished 5th in his season. Kenny Mayne was stiff, but he had a few good moves and pretty quick feet. Compare that to Rick Perry (below), who somehow did NOT make the list.

Just for fun, because somebody actually keeps track of this stuff as if it were Ty Cobb’s batting records, here are the results by year. It’s difficult to believe that both Steve Wozniak and Master P finished ahead of three other candidates. This is because of the audience voting.

In season two Master P actually finished with the lowest judges’ score in every single week he danced (including the all-time record low of 8 points out of 30), but was saved by the viewers.

Similarly, Wozniak had the lowest score in three of his four performances in season eight, but was a fan favorite, probably with more than a hint of irony. I think people wanted to keep him in just to see how many laughs he could continue to supply. (By the way, he finished lowest among the live performances in the other week as well, but caught a break when Steve-O injured his back and could not perform.)

Rick Perry also had the lowest score each week he … er … performed.