Mueller turns his attention to some Democrat influence peddlers

This action may result in charges similar to some of those leveled at Manafort. The potential targets include two people with close connections to Obama and Hillary, specifically Obama’s former White House counsel and John Podesta’s brother. Mueller referred the cases to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in southern Manhattan, which is the same procedure he followed with Michael Cohen.

Dua Lipa bootylicious (and covered topless)

Gosh, it seems like yesterday when she was the adorable little Una Lipa that captured our hearts.

My usual rambling sidebar:

Contrary to what you might think, or at least contrary to the assumption of my lame joke, it seems that her first name actually means “love,” not “two.” According to Google Translate, “I love” is “unë dua” in Albanian. It looks like it should mean “one two,” doesn’t it? I don’t know what “Lipa” might mean in Albanian, but it means “linden tree” in all the Slavic languages I’m familiar with.