You don’t have Nixon to kick around anymore

You don’t have Nixon to kick around anymore

Gov. Cuomo won in a landslide. It’s 66-34 as I type this. They called the race about a millisecond after the polls closed, and they waited that long only because they never call them before the polls close.

One thought on “You don’t have Nixon to kick around anymore

  1. Actually, Nixon WILL be on the ballot as the nominee of the Working Families Party in November. New York State has an unusual system where candidates can appear on multiple ballot lines as the nominees of multiple parties. It is often the case where a Republican will also be on the ballot for the Conservative and Right to Life parties while a Democrat will also be on the ballot for the Liberal party. Rudy Giuliani ran on both the Republican and Liberal party lines. That was instrumental in his election as I am sure there are many people in NYC that would rather cut their arm off than vote Republican. Rudy won by only 50,000 or so votes if I recall correctly after losing by that many when running 4 years earlier. He won reelection by a much wider margin.

    Somehow, I think Rudy might have a harder time getting the Liberal line if he decided to run for office again.

    I had a fairly positive opinion of Andrew Cuomo until recently. I wasn’t happy he disbanded a commission looking into government corruption when the commission started investigating people close to the governor but I thought overall he governed as a pragmatic centrist. But he has moved sharply leftward in response to Nixon’s primary challenge. He might have moved far enough to the left that Marc Molinaro, the GOP candidate for governor, might be able to beat him, especially if Nixon syphons votes away on the Working Families Party line.

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