Jodie Whittaker flashes Peter O’Toole in a role that earned the great one his final Oscar nomination in 2007.

O’Toole probably should have won the Oscar for his very first major performance, as Lawrence of Arabia, but he ran into a buzzsaw – one of the most beloved performances in history: Gregory Peck in to Kill a Mockingbird. Of course, O’Toole was still in his 20s then, and obviously so very talented and charming that few people gave any thought to his loss, considering that it wasn’t quite his time yet and he was likely to win many statuettes in the future.

He never did.

He was Oscar-nominated for eight different roles, and lost every single time.

The Academy did honor O’Toole with a special lifetime achievement award in 2003.

College football scores

What’s it like to play for Alabama? Here’s a hint:  Saban reamed everyone out because they only won by five touchdowns! (65-31) He pointed out that you don’t really “win” if you allow 31 points.

So there’s that.

Now back to reality.

There were a few upsets this week:

#5 LSU lost their first game, to #22 Florida

#7 Oklahoma lost their first game. They lost a typical Big 12 shoot-out (48-45) to the Longhorns (#19). There’s not a lot of defense in the Big 12, is there? I imagine Austin was jumping on Saturday night. Texas/OU weekend was always a crazy time in Austin, even when it was an away game for the ‘Horns, and especially after a Texas win.

#8 Auburn picked up a second loss against Mississippi State, and it was not close. Auburn never scored a TD in the 23-9 rout.

#13 Kentucky woke up from their dream. They lost to the Aggies in OT.

#14 Stanford got absolutely clobbered by unranked Utah, 40-21.

UCF continued to win. That’s about a thousand in a row. They were undefeated last year, including a Peach Bowl win over Auburn, and they are undefeated again this year. They are kind of the small-time Alabama, as they win every game by a mile (48-20 this week). So do you think they are in the top ten? Not yet. They are #12, but the losses by three higher-ranked teams should vault them up to #9 or #10, so a tip of the hat to them for rising that high out of a non-major conference. Of course, the other side of the coin is that Sagarin’s computer ratings place them much farther down (29th in the country) because of their weak competition. (They are ranked 158th in “difficulty of schedule.”)