Wow, how macho of him. Not at all like a guy with a tiny mushroom-shaped dick.

Oh, by the way, you are so right, Donny:

To be fair, Stormy did get totally owned in her defamation lawsuit. She not only lost, but she has to pay Trump’s legal fees. Trump could have gotten in some digs gloating about that. But of course he’s never content to get in some hard-earned digs. Like the scorpion who gets a free ride across the river, he has to sting because it’s in his nature.

Why, don’t you know, the camps are vocational training centers where “Students have access to everything from ping-pong and free nutritious meals to rooms equipped with TV and air conditioning.”

Free nutritious Asian meals and ping-pong? TV and A/C without paying either the electric bill or the cable guy? Cut me a slice of that! I’m studying the Koran now, just to pose as an Uighur Muslim. It’s like a free Club Med vacation combined with job training! What’s not to like? I think China could even market this to the West as an exotic vacation package.

Y’know, it’s easy to see why Trump likes Xi Jinping (aka Winnie the Pooh) so much. The Chinese administration is every bit as full of beans as the American.

This study examined the switchers and concentrated only on two variables. They found that racial/immigration issues were important, while economic issues were really not.

However, it seems to me that the study missed the real reason. In two words: Hillary sucks. Many people who admired Obama simply did not have the same affection for Hillary. That doesn’t really have a factual basis as much as a general feeling. People simply do not like her. I’m in that same group, although I certainly don’t dislike her enough to vote for Donald Trump. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, if Donald Trump ran against Satan, I would at least give Lucifer some positive comments on Twitter.

Christina was nude in After Life (2010)

This scene finished in the top ten in our Top Nude Scenes of 2010. If this had been her first nude scene, she might have won the poll outright, but she was already a two-time winner (in 2003 and 2007) – and this scene is better than either of the two that won.

After being absent from the rankings for a few years, she returned to the top ten of the Best Nude Scenes of 2017 for her full-frontal nudity in Z.