In a post-#MeToo climate, there has begun a noticeable shift in how we perceive and portray female characters on screen and the women who play them

“– and rightly so.

There is no disputing the need for change, no counter-argument or devil’s advocate to progress. But there can be a danger of responding in the wrong way, mixing in risk aversion with the revisions.”

He’s in it, and yet he isn’t. It’s another early Festivus miracle!

Despite Video Evidence, New Hampshire State Rep Frank Sapareto Denies Starring Role In Porn Project

It’s not just the video evidence. There is also a string of e-mails from and to Sapareto discussing the project.

His rebuttal? He’s been kavanaughed! “You saw what happened to Kavanaugh? Now it’s happening to me!”

The picture’s caption reads as follows:

“Hazel Court topless, in a still of a lost scene from ‘The Man Who Could Cheat Death’ (1959)”

I can neither verify nor debunk it, but I’m inclined to think it is genuine. As I’m sure you know, there was no explicit nudity in American films in 1959, but this is a British film from Hammer Studios, and this particular still corresponds to a topless scene that is in the movie, albeit with the camera behind her.