I have not forgotten about the 1995 poll. It’s just a real bear.

1995 was not like 1996.

In 1996 there were about 40 great nude scenes and no single one stood out above the others.

In 1995 there were only a handful of great scenes that have a chance to win, but there was good nudity in almost everything. My original list was something like 100 theatrical movies, about a dozen straight-to-vids and about a dozen TV shows. I pared it down a little bit, but I think the final list will still contain more than a hundred choices.

To make the process even more complex, the research and thumbnail creation is taking a long time because 1995 was part of the last gasp of the pre-DVD era, and some of the good choices have still not come to Blu-Ray, and there are even a few that were never even issued on DVD.

But I’m getting there.

The tease sounds awesome, but I would have to say, based on nothing but common sense, that the headline must be wrong. I don’t think the series could END with the battle against the white walkers, except in the unlikely event that the white walkers win. If the living win, there will still be much to resolve among them.