This is the nicest capture I have seen of her topless scene.

This scene is controversial. Keira was born in March of 1985, and this scene was shot in the summer of 2000, so she had just turned 15.

She was 16 or 17 when she did her nudity and sex scenes in Dr. Zhivago. (She was 17 when it was released, so that is the oldest she could have been, but I’m not sure of the filming schedule.)

It’s difficult to imagine how one man could say so many dumb things. This guy makes Dan Quayle seem like Isaac Newton. To be fair to Trump, he did actually identify a country with a lot of forest land, which surprises me. I’m surprised that he even knows the name of the country, although I’d be willing to wager he could not find it on a map.

Rake America Great Again.

No, they don’t rake the forests in Finland. It would be quite a task. They have approximately 5,000 trees for each person. I’m pretty sure that job would really cut into their sauna time.

But they should!

The 70-year-old loves squirrels “to the extent that he’s given them names and is allowing them into the house.”

After having observed him for approximately the entire length of my life, I am now officially ready to announce that Bonnie Prince Chuck is kind of a dweeb.

No offense, Brits. Love your country. Just about anything that’s worthwhile in the world is so because of England. But this guy is playin’ cricket with some missing wickets.

Around the NFL

Sorry, Eagles. This isn’t last year.

Brees was unbelievable yet again. He seems to be headed for an MVP at age whatever he is . I don’t want to say he’s old, but I think he started his career as the back-up to Curly Lambeau. When they went on the road in those days, they called it “on the trail”; the hotels were called “inns”; and the bibles in their rooms said “In the beginning was the word … To be continued.” That all changed when Bethlehem joined the league.