“Trump thought the military’s top officer made $5 million a year”

“When Kelly asked Trump how much he thought the Joint Chiefs chairman earns, the president responded with a guess of $5 million. The post actually pays less than $200,000. According to the report, when corrected by Kelly, Trump suggested that Gen. Joseph Dunford, the current chairman of the Joint Chiefs, should get a large raise and noted how many stars he had on his uniform.”

OK, two hundred grand isn’t that Trumpian, but there are plenty of perks. For example, each one of those stars can be traded in for a free foot-long at participating Subways, excluding premium sandwiches and double-meat upgrades.

Offer not valid in Alaska or Hawaii.

(This anecdote leads me to believe that Trump must not know his own salary, which is $400,000. Surely he doesn’t think that a military officer would make more than his commander in chief? No. Never mind. He’s not capable of a thought that complex.)

“Meade who plays a porn actress on ‘The Deuce,’ demanded she have an intimacy coordinator for sex scenes on the latest season of her hit show. While common in the theater world, such a demand was unprecedented in the TV and film industries. HBO not only said yes, they decided that from now on all of their shows involving sexual content would have intimacy coordinators.”

“Blac Chyna Selling Skin Whitening Cream”

“In a post on her Instagram page, she said she had partnered with a beauty line called Whitenicious to launch a face cream in Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city. The company website describes the Whitenicious x Blac Chyna Collection as an ‘illuminating and brightening cream that lightens without bleaching skin out.’ A jar of the cream, handcrafted with Swarovski crystals, will cost $250.”

Only $250 bucks per jar? Righteous offer!

Who knew that the people in Lagos had that kind of disposable income?