The WaPo really buried the lead in this story!

Neal said he intends to obtain (Trump’s tax returns) using a law that gives heads of the congressional tax-writing committees the right to request any American’s tax returns. The panel could then make them public with a simple majority vote.

He’s going to do it using a law?

That fiend!

Fortunately for the GOP, Trump does not believe in laws.

(Although, oddly enough, he does believe in the Tooth Fairy, which left several hundred million dollars under his pillow when he was little. And, luckily for Trump, money from the Tooth Fairy is not taxable income.)

2 thoughts on “The WaPo really buried the lead in this story!

  1. Best part is that the request to turn over the tax return is not made to Trump or to his accountants. It goes straight to the IRS who have to comply with the Committee request, even if POTUS attempts to countermand that action.

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