Yeah, internet memes, tell me Florida is weirder than Nevada

Nevada elected a dead pimp to the State Assembly.

It’s an excellent test for his future campaign for the U.S. Senate. And I would not be surprised if he won.

One thought on “Yeah, internet memes, tell me Florida is weirder than Nevada

  1. Ironic you compared Nevada to Florida over this because in the 17th U.S House district in Florida, the Democratic candidate, April Freeman, died before the election but still received 37.7% of the vote.

    The only difference is that based on Florida law, the Democratic Party there got to name a replacement for April Freeman before the election, whereas Nevada obviously prohibits that. However, since Hof was elected, the Republicans will get to name a person to serve out his term.

    So, the real problem here isn’t the voters of Nevada, but that the Nevada election laws on this are inflexible and result in this perverse outcome of the party choosing after the election who the replacement is.

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