The final week of the regular season. 

Georgia did not beat Alabama, but they came mighty close. They were leading 28-21 at the end of three.

Clemson, Ohio State and Oklahoma all won, so it is now clear which teams will be in the top six. Unfortunately, only four of them can make the playoff. Alabama and Clemson are undefeated and are the last two national champions, so they are obviously in. Notre Dame is undefeated, and almost certainly in. Who would leave them out, with their massive national following?

So which team will be #4? The Georgia squad, which just proved it is almost as good as Alabama? Or will it be Oklahoma? Or OSU?

If it were my choice, I would pick none of the above. Oklahoma has no defense. Georgia as a #4 seed would get an immediate rematch with Alabama, and that’s an anticlimax. Ohio State? Well, they are good, but they lost 49-20 to freakin’ Purdue. That’s Purdue, the team that earlier had lost to Eastern Michigan. If you lose 49-20 to Purdue, what is your expected result against Alabama?

Here is what I would do: I would give UCF the #4 seed.

First of all, that matches up four undefeated teams. When will we ever see that again?

Second of all, it gives UCF their chance to put up or shut up. They haven’t lost a game since the Grant administration. They even beat an SEC team last year in a major bowl game. People forget they defeated Auburn, a team which had defeated both Alabama and Georgia during the regular season. (Both Alabama and Georgia had been #1 in the country at the kickoff of those games.) UCF’s defense was dominant in that game. They held Auburn to 90 yards rushing on 44 carries, and sacked the Auburn QB six times! Yet the “experts” ignore UCF because of their weak conference. OK, perhaps the experts are right, but let’s find out. Maybe they will lose to Alabama by four touchdowns or more, but that will probably happen to any other team in the #4 hole anyway, so let’s “see what they got.”

UPDATED with Elizabeth Montgomery discussion from the comments section.



Chloe has made a bid for the nude scene of the year by performing a three-minute murder sequence completely naked.

(full-length sound clip in the members’ section)

Chloe was also involved in developing the project, but was not happy with the final output.




Speaking of Elizabeth Montgomery, back in the day I remember hearing about the so-called European version of her Lizzie Borden movie, which supposedly had some real Liz nakidity. I don’t mean a near or semi-nip slip, but something much more revealing than that. Was that story apocryphal? If not, have those pics/vids ever shown up anywhere??? It would really rewrite my childhood if those pics existed and could be seen.


I don’t know about that. The only Montgomery nudity I have seen was in the Borden film and Between the Darkness and the Dawn. In both cases it was just enough of the breasts to expose the nipples.

Here is the link to the Montgomery scenes.

A little girl wrote Curry to say she wanted his shoes, but they aren’t made for girls.

He wrote back to say “I got this,” corrected the problem, sent her a pair of shoes, promised her an early pair from the next wave of shoes, and invited her to Oakland to celebrate International Women’s Day at the Warriors game with him!

Now THAT is customer service (and one great piece of public relations).

R.I.P. George H.W. Bush

When we bury him, we will bury the last of the old Republican party, the last remnant of the time when one could use “Republican” and “moral” in the same sentence without irony.

His accomplishments were enviable: naval aviator in WW2, self-made oil millionaire, congressman, head of the CIA, ambassador to the UN, VP, President. He was a dignified man who did just about anything an American can dream of doing; a man who always placed his country first.

Above all, he was a decent man. I wish we could say that of every leader.

As you undoubtedly know, I always look for a different take on these obits, since the best websites like Hollywood Reporter (entertainment figures) and NPR (others) always cover the usual list of accomplishments. In this case it is a favorite pic I call “The Two Georges,” which pictures a young Yale first baseman named George Bush talkin’ baseball with George Herman “Babe” Ruth.