The plea and co-operation agreement indicates that Paul Erickson knew she was a Russian agent and helped her carry out her assignments.

People will be throwing around the T word, but there are no treason indictments in peacetime. The Constitution defines treason very specifically, and even the Rosenbergs were not charged with it. Erickson could, in the worst case, end up being charged with espionage, which can carry the death penalty.

Pro football this week.

It was perhaps the most interesting and unpredictable week of the year.


The Rams lost

The Patriots lost as Miami pulled of an absolute miracle last-play TD involving a wobbly pass and two laterals.

The Chiefs barely won (overtime)

The Texans and Steelers lost

Tennessee’s Derrick Henry had probably the best rushing performance of the year. He ran for 238 yards and four touchdowns, including a 99-yarder.

No problem. I prefer to do it by hand.

Uranus Examiner ends publication, blaming judgmental people.

Those people must be a bunch of assholes, although in all fairness, they are probably tired of being examined.

“Uranus is an unincorporated tourist spot along historic Route 66 and is known for quirky attractions, including a fudge shop.”

Don’t ask.

I just hope the name of the shop is Fudge From Uranus. I would order the shit out of that.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus topless behind the scenes of Troll

From IMDb:

“Although she remained covered in the film for her transformation into the Faery, an on-set photo of Julia Louis-Dreyfus was published in the March 1986 issue of Cinefantastique Magazine in which her bare breasts were visible.” (That is the picture shown here.)

“Julia Louis-Dreyfus has admitted being embarrassed of her infamous appearance in the film. Jay Leno antagonized the star by screening her scene as a nymph on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #21.125 (2013) in April 2013. This was a surprise to Louis-Dreyfus and she was visibly annoyed by Leno dredging up her connection to this film.”

“Brad Hall and Julia Louis-Dreyfus play an on-screen couple in this film. In real life, the two were dating and would marry the year following this film’s release. It remains the only live-action film in which they starred together, although both provided their voices to A Bug’s Life (1998).”

Not too long ago, Louis-Dreyfus bared her butt for Rolling Stone. She was obviously a very youthful 53!