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Both Romeo and Juliet were minors when the film was lensed, at least by the definition of every country in the Western Hemisphere except Cuba. Whiting had just turned 17 the month before filming began, Hussey was 16 years and three months when filming began, and about 16 1/2 when it was finished.

Whiting and Hussey reunited in 2015 to play a married couple in Social Suicide. It was Whiting’s first film role in 40 years.

This year marked the 50th anniversary of the release of Romeo and Juliet, further proof that both patrick and tempus fugit.

Terri Garr’s only significant nudity was in One From the Heart (1982, age ??)

She (or a body double) theoretically did do a nude scene in The Moonshine War (1970, age ??), but she was so far from the camera that it might have been anyone of any gender.

Every source agrees that she was born on December 11th, but nobody seems to know for sure how old she is. Apparently she has gone full Mimi Rogers on her birth year. Her year of birth is listed in various sources as 1944 (Wikipedia), 1945 (Historical Gazetteer of the United States), 1947 (IMDb) and 1949 (Screen World). So maybe she is 69 today, maybe 74, maybe somewhere in between.

Sadly, she has been battling MS for decades and has not really worked in the past ten years.

To the best of my knowledge, this was her only screen nudity. It was in 1971, and she was 30.

The interview below, from February, 2018, shows what she looks like now. In one word, she looks incredible, and I mean that literally. It’s impossible to believe she could look like that because she was 77 then, and turns 78 today. Ain’t modern science wonderful!

By the way, she’s another one who went full Mimi Rogers on her birth year. Wikipedia explains the reasons why they decided on 1940, but she has also claimed 1942 and 1943 at various times.

She never did do a great nude scene. She came kinda-sorta close in three films.

In 1968 (age 36), a breast slipped out of her robe in The Night of the Following Day. Her nipple seems to have been taped.

The following year, she played a stripper in Marlowe and was topless except for small pasties.

In 1981 (age 49) she, like fellow birthday girl Bess Armstrong, showed her butt while skinny-dipping in The Four Seasons. (Maybe. Just as with Bess Armstrong’s scene, it’s impossible to say who it was or whether she was in a thong.)

She turns 87 today and she looked great at this year’s SAG awards.