It’s a WW1 documentary – in color

“Jackson and the New Zealand-based production company Park Road Post Production restored a full 100 hours of archival footage from the Imperial War Museum—much of which had been shot for propaganda newsreels—for the centennial of the Great War, meticulously scrubbing away decades of dirt, dust, scratches, and blemishes. They colorized the footage, matching uniforms to what we know infantrymen of corresponding ranks wore and what the locations they stood in look like today. They sped the frame rate up to a modern 24 fps, smoothing the jerkiness of hand-cranked camera-shot footage and restoring the naturalism of soldiers’ movements and mannerisms. Finally, the footage was converted to 3-D and paired with blockbuster-worthy sound for a singularly immersive spectacle.”

Can’t think of a more deserving candidate. Jeff has had an amazing career: leading man, villain, character actor, comedic icon, fan favorite, you name it.

Baseball analyst Bill James once pointed out that Rickey Henderson was so good for so long that you could cut his career in half and both resulting guys would be Hall of Famers. You could say the same sort of thing about Jeff Bridges. He’s done enough for two lifetime achievement awards.

Let me guess – is it … sex?

‘Diary’ written by ‘tourist who visited Sex Island resort’ describes in detail events said to have taken place including golf tournaments where the prize was an orgy with 100 women”

This headline from the Daily Mail is shocking and scandalous.

Not because of the sex stuff, but because they had all those words to work with and did not print any of them in ALL CAPS!

When they make the Sex Island TV series, I want to be Mr. Rourke. My Tattoo will be Yao Ming, as we pull the ol’ switcheroo.