R.I.P. – actor Donald Moffatt

You’re wondering “Who?”, but you know who he is. You’ve seen him playing minor roles in dozens of films and TV productions in the 80s and 90s, often playing an ineffectual or officious authority figure: A Clear and Present Danger, *61, The Thing, The Right Stuff (he played LBJ), Regarding Henry, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, etc.

Nike Posts Huge Earnings After Kaepernick Ad

“Nike announced it had crushed earnings expectations, leading to a market surge today that found the company‚Äôs stock as the sole gainer in the entire Dow.”

I predicted this, but not solely for the reason you expect. I predicted that sales would increase dramatically because crazy left-wingers would buy unnecessary shoes to support social justice, and crazy right-wingers would buy Nike shoes so they could burn them in YouTube videos. Now that the windfall has been collected, I suspect the sales gain is temporary and not sustainable unless Nike does something else dramatic.