The scores here

The revised playoff picture (the Monday game is irrelevant):


In: KC, NE, Hou, LA
In if they win next week: Baltimore and Indianapolis
Still holding on to a prayer: Tennessee and Pittsburgh

Tennessee controls their own destiny since they play the Colts. The winner of that game is in the post-season, the loser is out. The Colts won easily (38-10) in their previous match-up.

Assuming that either the Colts or Titans will win (in other words, no tie), the Steelers can’t get a wild card slot. Apart from dreaming of that unlikely tie, the Steelers’ only hope is to win and hope for a Ravens loss, thus giving them the division and the fourth seed.

Assuming wins next week, Kansas City and New England will get the first-round byes and Kansas City will get the permanent home-field advantage


IN: NO, LA, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle
In if they win next week: Minnesota
Still holding on to hope: Philadelphia

The Eagles need a win and a Viking loss. The Vikings may well lose, since they play the Bears, and the Bears will be playing hard, since they can still slip past the Rams to get a first-round bye. That would not be an issue if the Rams played first and won, but the Bears will not have the luxury of knowing the result of the Rams game, because both teams play at 3:25, so the Bears will be out to crush the Vikings. If the Vikings lose, the Eagles can slide in with a victory over Washington.

The Saints will get the home field edge no matter what they do this week. The Rams will get the other first-round bye with a win, but they could still drop out of that seat. (The Bears won that match-up head-to-head, so they would get the first-round bye if the Bears and Rams finish with identical 12-4 records.)