Dow soars more than 1,050 points, its biggest point gain in history

Thank heaven

For now

As everyone says, the economy’s fundamentals do not seem weak, so a precipitous drop doesn’t really make sense. I think the markets were just (and may still be) reacting to instability and uncertainty: Trump’s feud with the Fed, the Trump shutdown, etc. Investors seek stability. Once those areas of uncertainly are resolved, or at least smoothed over, the markets should be healthy.

I hope.

Malya Roman from episode seven of Nude

This is a French series about a time in the not-too-distant future when everyone is naked. A police detective from our time wakes up from a long coma to find that the French government has made nudity obligatory for everyone, not just Emmanuelle Beart.

It sounds intriguing, but I have not seen it (other than excerpts). There has not been an available English version and I don’t understand French.

Dave Barry’s Year in Review, 2018

“Abroad, the Russian news agency TASS reports that Vladimir Putin, who campaigned on the theme ‘A Vote For Putin Is A Vote For Not Dying Under Mysterious Circumstances,’ has been declared the winner of the 2018 Russian presidential election, as well as, in the interest of efficiency, the 2024 and 2030 elections.”