Paulie Numbnuts lied? Who could have guessed?

Mueller: Paul Manafort lied about contacts with Trump administration this year

I love this guy!

If he had co-operated fully, the prosecutors might have asked for him to be sentenced to massive fines and time already served, ala General Flynn. Instead, he committed more crimes under house arrest, so they placed him behind bars, whereupon he committed more crimes during his “cooperation” interviews. And don’t forget the wheelchair! He breathes life into the definition of “incorrigible.”

In Orson Welles’ unfinished (but recently restored and completed) “The Other Side of the Wind” one character is described as “so crooked he’s got rubber pockets to steal soup.” That describes Manafort to a T.

Imagine the frustration of his lawyers. He must ignore everything they tell him. I hope they got their fees in advance, and insisted on being paid in cash, ‘cuz you just know his checks are gonna bounce.

One thought on “Paulie Numbnuts lied? Who could have guessed?

  1. My criminal law professor, Roger Groot, was one of the most highly respected criminal defense attorneys in Virginia. He told us, whatever you do, never get paid in cash. Banks aren’t the only businesses that are required to report cash transactions larger than a certain amount. But if a lawyer reports receiving a fee in cash, the prosecution will most likely attempt to seize it as proceeds of criminal activity. Someone suggested just not reporting the cash and he laughed. He told us our clients will almost certainly be in trouble in the future and the first person they will look to give up to the prosecution is their former attorney. I never practiced criminal law, but I believe defense attorneys often negotiate a set aside of a certain portion of their clients money to pay their fee.

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