Wow. Heather Graham in a full screen, hi-res version of Killing Me Softly.

This was already a legendary nude performance. It finished first with our voters among the top nude performances of 2002, and I personally picked it as the fourth best of the decade 2000-2009.

These captures, however, raise the bar still further. There is lower body exposure not seen clearly before, not to mention tremendous quality.

These are actually part of a mix – a widescreen Blu-Ray composited with another version which is full-screen – as produced by tjay, the guy who does all these amazing edits, like that one of Tessa Thompson from Westworld. I don’t know tjay. I just see his nic in the file name, but his work is awesome.

Same old. Same old. Here’s the story.

You’ll remember it was not long ago that the Democrats, then having no control of either house of Congress, offered to let Trump have the wall in exchange for permanent protections for the dreamers. Everyone seemed to think that was a fair deal, even Trump. A bipartisan deal was struck in Congress, but then Trump backed out for reasons and motivations which seemed murky. (Phone call to Hannity?)

So Trump could have had his wall funding a year ago. He completely won that exchange with the then-powerless Democrats in the sense that all he had to do was to “trade” it for something he professed to agree with anyway.

And then he didn’t.

And now 800,000 working people are without paychecks, and about half of them are still expected to work! Not to mention all the other consequences of the shutdown.

This pic wouldn’t have been much of a scandal even if it had been AOC.

The Reddit discussion is found below the post. As mentioned earlier, the pic was first debunked by a “foot fetishist.”

As time went on, the true identity of the woman was revealed. “The photo, as well as the feet, actually belong to Sydney Leathers, a political activist and cam model who (sic) you might recall from Anthony Weiner’s sexting investigation in 2016. Leathers confirmed in a Twitter direct message that the original photograph does, in fact, belong to her and features her feet. ‘That pic is a few years old and now reaffirms my current stance of no longer posting feet pics unless dudes pay me for it,’ Leathers told me.”

Wait a second … Anthony Weiner?

How does everything always tie back to Carlos Danger? He is the Moriarty of our time. “He is the organiser of half that is evil and of nearly all that is undetected …”

For reasons not clear to me, Madonna now seems to have a giant Kardashian butt.

I can’t tell whether it is real or some kind of goof.