Yawn. Nothing to report. All four of the “first round bye” teams won their games.

The Saints had some trouble with the Eagles, falling behind by 14 at one time, but the other three “bye” teams breezed through.

The Colts were never really in it at all. They just couldn’t move the ball.

The Rams won with a rare strategy – grinding it out on the ground. They gained almost 300 rushing yards, accounting for all three of their touchdowns.

The Pats scored 35 in the first half against a hapless Charger defense. Life will be much more difficult for the Pats next week. They will not be at their cozy home in Foxboro, where they were undefeated throughout the regular season and the playoffs, but on the road, where they were 3-5 during the season.


The Chiefs will be favored by 3 at home in the AFC Conference Championship game.

In the NFC Championship, the Saints are 3.5 point favorites at home.

Imagine if every woman had this disease

… things would be exactly the same as they are now.

So basically this is the least important disease ever discovered. It’s not even worthwhile to treat, because if they cure her, she would just have to go to the trouble of listening to a man’s opinion before doing what she was going to do anyway.

Woman banned after riding cart while drinking wine from Pringles can

I love everything about this story, even the conclusion: “Investigators found the woman at a nearby restaurant and told her she was banned.” After she left the store premises, investigators tracked her down just to tell her that she could not go back.

Is this a great country, or what?

Blanchard Ryan naked in Open Water

This finished among our top twenty nude scenes of 2004, and the movie was surprisingly successful for a low-budget indy, but Blanchard’s fame was short-lived. In the past ten years she has basically only had one-off appearances in TV series here and there. She turned 52 yesterday.

Similarly, the director of Open Water has done only one more film in the past 15 years.

Nadia Chibani & Lise Bellynck are stark naked and getting cozy in A L’Aventure (2008), a film which appears to be fundamentally porn.

(IMDb page)

Variety’s take on it:

” … topples over into outright porn — not because of graphic sex scenes, but rather due to a plot of unalloyed ludicrousness. Granted, levitating 14th-century Flemish nuns rep an inventive step up from randy milkmen, but Brisseau’s humorless intellectual pretentions founder in very shallow waters. Skedded for an April 1 release in France, pic was pre-bought by IFC Stateside, where its Playboy-ish presentation of elegantly writhing naked women brought to ultimate orgasm, combined with disquisitions on the more cosmological Big Bang Theory, might attract horny eggheads.”