Jewel Staite by TJ Scott for his “In The Tub” series (2013).

Scott has a Flickr account with many from this series, but none of the true nudes. He has produced two volumes of In The Tub, and there are two versions of each volume. Only the “special editions” have the real fun stuff.

The official verbiage:

“The ‘Revealed’ version of In the Tub will be limited to 1000 copies worldwide and be revealing just a little bit more in its additional fifty pages. As with the standard version, 100% of the profits will be donated to charity.”

Cerina’s best scenes in Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

I re-watched it recently. I had forgotten that Captain America was in this, singing and dancing when he was still Cadet America.

Hard to believe this was almost twenty years ago. I wonder if this flick could even be made today.

As for Cerina, she was most recently seen as a regular in Stuck in the Middle. She will turn 40 in a couple of weeks.