The curvy actress in the 2009 version of Friday XIII

UPDATES from the comments:

“There are several lines of dialog from her co-star commenting on just how awesome Julianna’s breasts are. I’ve always wondered if those lines were in the original script or if they were added during filming when she appeared on the set topless and they saw just how sensational she was.”

“There’s a longer clip here. It also includes a little of the Jason murderizing you might expect. Nothing bloody. Link is not safe for work.”

  • Alice Belaïdi in “Hippocrate”:



  • Laure Calamy in “Dix pour cent”:


  • Clara Huet in “Christ-off”:

  • Moana Ferré in “Méprise”:


  • Sylvie Testud in “Deutsch-les-Landes”:

  • Manon Allender in “Deutsch-les-Landes”:


  • Helen Senot in “Groland”:

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