Major update this week, as Charlie continues to catch up …


  • Tiphaine Daviot in “HP”:


  • Agnès Soral in “HP”:

  • Nina Meurisse in “naturellement”:


  • Hélène de Fougerolles in “Balthazar”:

  • Alice Rahimi in “Balthazar”:


  • Sara Ginac in “Balthazar”:

  • Charlotte Mazet in “Balthazar”:

  • Jeanne-Marie Ducarre in “Balthazar” & “lost memories 2.0”:


  • Nina Lombardo in “pendant que les champs brûlent”:


  • Angèle Arnaud in “la vérité nue”:


  • Inconnue in “les rivières pourpres”:



Film nudity legend Nastassja Kinski is 58 today. Here she is in Cat People (1982), which was lensed when she was 20.

Her nude career began in a most scandalous fashion when she did a topless sex scene in Wim Wenders’ Falsche Bewegung at the age of 13. (If that. She told one interviewer she was 12 when her scenes were lensed.) Wenders is a highly respected director.

Just to prove it was no fluke, she performed full frontal and rear nudity in To The Devil a Daughter (“The film that ended Hammer studios!”) at the age of 14!

She didn’t slow down for decades. All in all, she performed nude scenes in more than 20 films and TV shows.

Here is what she looks like now. She’s essentially retired. According to IMDb, she has only one film or TV credit in the past 12 years.