“Bid to discredit Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with college dance video backfires”

Why did anyone think a video of somebody in college dancing fully clothed would somehow be a negative thing?

6 thoughts on ““Bid to discredit Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with college dance video backfires”

  1. Isn’t this like the 5th or 6th attempt to embarass /”discredit” her through her one days in office. Someone at Fox must have a raging (if tiny) hard-on for her.

  2. This woman does have a certain legendinherownmindness thing going and it’s exasperating to read the breathless articles in the Post most days (it’s almost like the Rolling Stone “Cher and Gregg desk” thing from Doonesbury has come to life with WAPO having its own little OC Desk going).
    But this is just a video of a really cute college girl having fun. How it’s supposed to be any kind of a bad thing is way beyond me.
    What my former party has become in a nutshell: mean spirited and very very dimwitted.

  3. To the extent the GOP has become “mean spirited and very very dimwitted” it is only taking on the characteristics of it’s titular head. Really, mean spirited and very very dimwitted is a perfect description of our president.

    Trying to embarass Rep. Ocasio-Cortez with a video of her dancing is positively moronic. But I do think she is a bit dimwitted herself. The fact that she has a masters degree in economics but describes herself as a socialist tells me she can’t have a very good understanding of how economics work. Hopefully, she will learn. Some truly great economists were socialist in their youth, but eventually learned and became advocates for the free market. I am thinking specifically of Dr. Thomas Sowell. I doubt she will ever be as great an intellectual as he is, but I can hope.

    1. she is as qualified as much any of the assholes already in congress and in the presidency none of them understand economics. In fact there has not been a republican administration or presidency that has ever had.

  4. This from the party that excused Trump when he said it was “OK to grab ‘em (women) by the pussy…”

    1. You must be the sorriest excuse for a Democrat ever created if you’re STILL hanging on to that one!

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