“Trump administration considers rollback of anti-discrimination rules”

Now our government is making it easier to discriminate?

To quote Mel Brooks: “Now what’ll that asshole think of next?”

To be fair, some of these rules do need to be clarified or modified. Case in point:

“In New York, a lawsuit alleges that a large apartment complex in Queens will not rent to anyone with a criminal record, and that this has the effect of discriminating against African American and Latino renters. The suit is pending, relying on disparate impact to make the case.”

In my opinion the principle of “disparate impact” needs to be overridden by the same BFQ rules that apply in employment law. For example, if I am hiring an actor to play Louis XIV as a teenager, I am allowed to discriminate against minorities and women and old people and post a casting call for young white males only. If I am hiring somebody who needs to be able to reach shelves eight feet in the air without assistance, I am allowed to specify that, even though it discriminates against women, who are shorter than men on average. That is called a “bona fide occupational qualification.” Bona fide qualifications should apply elsewhere as well. A landlord not wanting to rent to people who have defaulted on previous rental agreements, or who have broken into other people’s homes, or who have molested children, seems like a bona fide qualification to me, even if it would disproportionately affect minorities. (Just hypothetically. I have no idea whether it would affect any group more than others.)

However, BFQs should have to be defended in court if challenged, to prevent landlords, employers and others from establishing bogus qualifications for the sole or primary purpose of discrimination.

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  1. You are attempting to apply logic and reason to a political issue involving race in 2019. That is a very dangerous stance to be taking, particularly on the Internet. Prepare to be accused of being a closet privileged racist Nazi.

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  4. I agree with both William Stanley’s comment and Creeder’s first comment: Uncle Scoopy’s opinion on this issue is a good one.

    IMO, muh’s mistake is that his first comment can be interpreted either as serious or humorous – there is no way to tell from context, which is a thing people often forget on the Internet. He then decided to be butthurt about it when someone took it seriously. This is the kind of normal human behavior that makes people get very tired of normal human behavior.

    1. Well, I wasn’t really butthurt. People can call me whatever they want on the internet, I don’t care at all. But like I’m not going to argue about it? What the fuck is the internet for then?

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