I have not seen this, but I’ve read that it includes Kate Mara topless, which would be a welcome sight. The film was scheduled for a May release, but the Lionsgate YouTube page lists the official release date as April 5 (for digital and on-demand).

As you might expect, there is no nudity in the trailer, although it shows Kate Mara and Ellen Page starting to get friendly.

The House is opening an inquiry into the USA’s pursuit of a highly profitable nuclear deal with Saudi Arabia

To be fair, this investigation may be a wild goose chase. It appears the massive plans for Saudi/American co-operation have already been abandoned, although I’m not sure when the deal fell through. (That’s the key point that would determine whether there was corruption involved. It may have been abandoned some time ago, after both parties reconsidered, or it may not have been scuttled until investigators got wind of it.)

It had been reported in January that:

(1) the Saudis’ plan for sixteen nuclear plants had been scaled back to just two;

(2) to accomplish the scaled-back plan, they already had found partners in France and South Korea, thus obviating any need for assistance from the USA.

Alexis Dziena caught the world’s attention at age 20 by showing the works to Bill Murray in Broken Flowers.

UPDATE: here’s a nice .gif of the scene

This scene earned the petite actress the #3 spot among our Top Nude Scenes of 2005, but she has never again competed for a spot on the list, and I haven’t seen her in anything since her brief character arc on Entourage, which was almost a decade ago.