This was posed as “PG and PG-13 Movies from the 1970s-2007” in an interesting Reddit subgroup called PG Movie Nudity Archive

You could quibble with the compilation here and there. For example, although Amadeus was a PG film in the theaters, the topless clip of Elizabeth Berridge is from the director’s cut, which is rated R.

But it’s no fun to be persnickety. It’s more enjoyable to see how many of these the creator could sneak into a 30-second clip.

Natalie Krill & Erika Linder in Below Her Mouth

A very erotic movie. I cast my personal vote for Krill for the best nude performance of 2017, but I get only one vote, like everyone else, and the other voters were not in agreement. Krill did make the final list, but at the very bottom. I guess both she and the movie were too obscure to make a significant splash. I don’t think I’ve seen her since, except for a small part in Molly’s Game.

(My favorite scene was not this one, which is also brilliant, but her solo job in the bathtub.)

This excellent quality gfy portrays one of the most explicit sex scenes ever shown in a mainstream production (Rome)

It is, to say the least, vigorous, with plenty of bouncing. This finished #8 among our top nude scenes of 2007. That was an extraordinary finish because Alice was totally unknown at the time, and the best nude scene lists are usually dominated by familiar faces. It was also an extraordinary event for Henley, who has not done any subsequent (or previous) nudity.

The vast size of the field of Democrats has left the President burning the midnight oil to come up with nicknames for them.

“Inside the West Wing and in conversations with outside allies, Trump has been workshopping other attempts to imprint his new adversaries with lasting labels, according to two people on whom the president has tested out the nicknames. They spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations with the president. He is also testing out lines of attack in public rallies, exploring vulnerabilities he could use against them should they advance to the general election.”