Just some light reading about Paulie Numbnuts.

The actual memo is only 25 pages long. The number rises to 800 with the attachments.

The biggest surprise: there was one day in 2016 when Manafort went the entire 24 hours without committing a felony. Although, to be fair, he did earn interest that day on the money he had made by committing previous felonies, so I guess there was never a day when he didn’t profit from criminal activity.

According to this list, my current home town is the drunkest in the United States.

Better yet, the two nearest metro areas, Green Bay to the Northeast and Oshkosh/Neenah to the South, are the next two on the list. In fact, Wisconsin has 9 of the top 12 in the USA.

Chant along with me:

We’re number 1
We’re number 1

In Wisconsin, this chant is also a drinking game. Take a drink each time you hear the number “one.”

If you can name a classic musical from the late 40s and and early 50s which is even entertaining when nobody is singing or dancing, Stanley Donen probably directed it.

Later in his career he finally remembered all of us perverts and directed the nudity classic Blame it on Rio. That was basically an exploitation film – but, oh, those musicals!

Singin’ in the Rain is an all-time classic which stands on the very summit of film musicals. On the Town is only a hair’s breadth beneath it. Donen was best known for his inventive dance sequences, and his three must famous are shown below.

Singin’ in the Rain:

Anchors Aweigh:

The scene with Gene Kelly and the animated mouse may not seem so special today, but it was a technical marvel to pull that off with 1945 technology. Donen didn’t direct the film, but he did do this particular segment although he was just listed as assistant choreographer at the time. When it came to understanding choreography and technology he was a wunderkind – he was just 20 when he conceived and created this sequence.

Royal Wedding: