Lindsay Lohan in the Athens airport, Feb 23rd

And she has looked even worse on her show

She is only 32 years old.

Let’s compare that to Heather Graham, who will be 50 on her next birthday, or Elizabeth Hurley, who is 53.

OK, I admit Heather Graham isn’t a fair comparison to anyone, because she’s some kind of genetic freak, or maybe she has one of those Dorian Gray pictures in her attic, but still … I can say with only slight exaggeration that Heather could play Lindsay’s daughter, even though old enough to be her mother.

You don’t need to show people Requiem for a Dream to demonstrate that drugs are bad. Just show ’em Lindsay and Heather.

I think I can say with confidence that the other reps to the U.N. will not laugh at us this time! Trump has nominated the next Dr. Hawking!

“I believe there are scientists on both sides that are accurate.”

My theory: this is all a plot orchestrated by Betsy DeVos so that she’s no longer the dumbest person in a top level position.

Although, to be fair, Mrs. Craft may not be as dumb as she seems. She may actually realize that she is spouting nonsense. It’s difficult for her to take any sensible position on climate change, given that her husband is a billionaire coal-mining executive!

They must be afraid of what Cohen might say, because they are really going after him.

Apparently there is plenty to be afraid of. If the testimony is being correctly predicted, Trump pulled a Jussie Smollett – he paid for criminal behavior with a check!

Wait, it gets better. According to the WSJ Trump wrote the check while he was President.

(By the way, what Congressman Gaetz tweeted is WAY illegal!)

“The former CEO of Kaspersky Lab was sentenced to 14 years for treason. It was reported that he transmitted information to the US about (Russian hackers) who hacked the server of the Democratic Party before the election.”

Well sir, that’s tricky, because Putin claims that they didn’t meddle in the election. So they either imprisoned somebody for a crime they know to be non-existent, or Putin lied about not hacking the election.

Now, don’t jump to conclusions. If this were in any other country, we would say “Well, obviously, the president lied, like any politician.” But this is Russia, where the answer could go either way.


It’s easy to determine that all the Russian meddling did take place, and we even know the exact building where all the mischief originated. What we do not know for sure is whether it was the work of the Russian government, or just an independent operation run without Putin’s knowledge or consent, which is the Putin position that Trump purports to believe. Yes, I know the latter is extremely unlikely, but there was no hard evidence that Putin authorized the disinformation and hacking operation in St. Petersburg, even though all logic and circumstantial evidence indicates that to be the case.

Until now.

This Kaspersky conviction provides the hard evidence. If the Kaspersky guy told the United States about a rogue, independent computer operation in Russia, that would not be treasonous. But if he revealed the secret activities of an arm of the Russian government, then a treason conviction would be proper.

In essence, Putin betrayed his own position with this conviction.

He is a smart man.

His stats are wildly inflated by Coors, so he would disappoint if he went anywhere else. In Colorado he gets to keep his pride and $30+ million per year.

Here is what he does per 650 PA (a typical season) in Denver:

BA .320
OBP .374
SLG .609

HR 39
RBI 139

Now here is what he has done per 650 PA on the road, and therefore approximately what we would expect him to do in a neutral ball park.

BA .263
OBP .318
SLG .469

HR 28
RBI 88

That on-base percentage is right at the MLB average for the duration of his career.

Last year his splits were even more dramatic. He batted .248 on the road with a .772 OPS. That batting average is exactly the same as the MLB average, and the OPS is about 6% better. (Meanwhile, he batted .347 at home.)

Bottom line: if he went to play for a team with a neutral home park, he’d be a .250-260 hitter with about 90 RBI. That’s terrific, but not $32 million terrific.

Robert Kraft must have had one of those “buy five get one free” punch cards.

This story is important in that it has shed light on the modern form of involuntary servitude that kept these women in thrall.

The only interesting thing about Kraft himself is why a guy who could probably afford to arrange a threesome with Taylor Swift and Charlize Theron is hanging out in a strip mall rub-and-tug getting eighty-dollar hand jobs.

Three Republicans have defected. One more would seal the deal.

I’m surprised, but mind you, this is all just political theater to force the Senators to get their votes on the record. Mitch McConnell would normally try to avoid this, but the specific wording of this law forces a vote in the remaining chamber if the other chamber has voted affirmatively on it, so McConnell can’t keep it off the floor.

Some Republicans in the House have tried a novel strategy to delay the resolution in that chamber. They are claiming they can’t vote because they haven’t had time to read the entire bill – a bizarre contention since the entire bill is only one sentence long! Despite the dilatory tactics, the House is expected to pass the bill today (Tuesday).

Why did I call this mere theater? Trump will veto the resolution and there is no chance that 67 Senators will vote to override.

(Update: the resolution did pass the House by a 245-182 vote. That’s a solid majority, but still about 40 votes shy of the 2/3 needed to override a presidential veto.)