Birthday girl Greta Scacchi is 59 today

For about a decade, approximately 1983-1992, Greta seemed to be naked in every film appearance, and looked great while doing so.

She was 27 in this scene from White Mischief, a 1987 film dramatizing the events of the Happy Valley murder case in Kenya in 1941, when one dissolute phony-baloney British aristocrat allegedly killed another. (Spoiler: he was acquitted.) It pictured the life of hedonistic Brits enjoying a sybaritic lifestyle in Africa with nothing of significance to fill their hours, despite the fact that their country, together with the rest of free Europe, was struggling against Nazi Germany.

Scacchi still appears now and then in movies or on TV, but some of her most recent successes have been in live highbrow theater, portraying the characters of Chekhov, Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams and others.

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  1. She seemed to get old fairly fast. But back in the day there was no one babelier for about a half-decade.

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