Robert Kraft really liked that massage parlor

Robert Kraft must have had one of those “buy five get one free” punch cards.

This story is important in that it has shed light on the modern form of involuntary servitude that kept these women in thrall.

The only interesting thing about Kraft himself is why a guy who could probably afford to arrange a threesome with Taylor Swift and Charlize Theron is hanging out in a strip mall rub-and-tug getting eighty-dollar hand jobs.

One thought on “Robert Kraft really liked that massage parlor

  1. Despite what people who have or make lots of money think, having or making lots of money is not connected with much other than being good at having or making lots of money. This can be seen more easily in the fields of art, athletics, science, and so on. We do not automatically assume that people who are great in those fields are great at everything in general, the way we often do with money (and the way people with money VERY often do.)

    George Orwell would have suggested finding a more concrete way to express this idea, but I can’t think of one. All I can think of is, just because a person has a lot of dollars, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have any sense.

    (Also, maybe cheap hookers or enslaved hookers were his kink.)

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