Russia sentences somebody for something they said never happened!

“The former CEO of Kaspersky Lab was sentenced to 14 years for treason. It was reported that he transmitted information to the US about (Russian hackers) who hacked the server of the Democratic Party before the election.”

Well sir, that’s tricky, because Putin claims that they didn’t meddle in the election. So they either imprisoned somebody for a crime they know to be non-existent, or Putin lied about not hacking the election.

Now, don’t jump to conclusions. If this were in any other country, we would say “Well, obviously, the president lied, like any politician.” But this is Russia, where the answer could go either way.


It’s easy to determine that all the Russian meddling did take place, and we even know the exact building where all the mischief originated. What we do not know for sure is whether it was the work of the Russian government, or just an independent operation run without Putin’s knowledge or consent, which is the Putin position that Trump purports to believe. Yes, I know the latter is extremely unlikely, but there was no hard evidence that Putin authorized the disinformation and hacking operation in St. Petersburg, even though all logic and circumstantial evidence indicates that to be the case.

Until now.

This Kaspersky conviction provides the hard evidence. If the Kaspersky guy told the United States about a rogue, independent computer operation in Russia, that would not be treasonous. But if he revealed the secret activities of an arm of the Russian government, then a treason conviction would be proper.

In essence, Putin betrayed his own position with this conviction.

4 thoughts on “Russia sentences somebody for something they said never happened!

  1. Well, it’s a basic principle that once you start lying, it can be hard to keep all the lies self-consistent. What a tangled web we weave, and so on.

    Still, I would have thought Russia would have a Ministry of Truth left over from the Soviet days whose job would be doing exactly that. Perhaps some of Trump’s taste for blatant lies is rubbing off on Putin. As they say, lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

      1. No, Putin used to care if his lies were self-consistent before he met Trump. Having observed Trump in operation for two years, he now realizes that if keeping your lies straight doesn’t matter in the USA, it sure as hell doesn’t in Russia.

        (In Russia, a standard farewell is now “Goodbye, and I hope Putin does not kill you.” I read it on the Internet, so it must be true!)

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