Zillionaire Robert Kraft picked up on prostitution charges

There is a plot twist. Robert Kraft isn’t their employer. He’s their customer.

Once again he’s in a sandal involving deflated balls.

4 thoughts on “Zillionaire Robert Kraft picked up on prostitution charges

  1. Robert Kraft your team just won the Super Bowl, Where are you going?I’m going to Jupiter Florida to get a blow job.

  2. Boggles the mind. You have a guy who wouldn’t notice the cost of renting a suite and importing the talent, but instead he’s going for the $80 strip mall deal.

  3. This sort of reminds me of the Hugh Grant/Divine Brown debacle. Why is a guy like that picking up a streetwalker? Why is a billionaire going to a strip mall massage parlor? Normally, I’d say it’s not a big deal because I think prostitution between consenting adults should be legal. But from what I’ve read, many of these Asian massage parlors employ women “working off their debts.” That would hardly make it a transaction between consenting adults. But I have no idea what the situation in Kraft’s case was. At the very least it doesn’t appear to involve underage girls.

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