This is a good version of this memorable pic, which was taken in the ancient times when women still had pubic hair.


Alyssa married rocker Cinjun Tate in 1999. After the wedding they took off for St. Bart’s on a honeymoon where paparazzi photographed her topless. She reportedly didn’t care that a crowd was present when she followed her husband into the surf and removed her bottoms. Despite that carefree start, the marriage was short-lived. She filed for divorce in November of that same year.

Here she is topless in a movie that may be even worse than the one mentioned below with Catherine Bach, if that is possible. The name of this one is Demon Rage. (1981)

As I wrote in my review, “Lana Wood, baby sister of screen legend Natalie Wood, was once a Bond girl: Plenty O’Toole in Diamonds are Forever. That, however, was in 1971, and was followed by a career that led downward to nowhere and then still farther downward to this film.”

The good news is that Lana was lovely, and had a very impressive chest.

Ol’ Daisy Duke is 65

Here she is topless in a .gif from the immortal cinema classic Crazed (1978)

Here’s a collage of the scene

My review of the film, which has very little to do with the film, but may amuse you. (It’s a long and complicated “inside baseball” argument that this is the lost Shakespearian play, Cardenio. It was written in a time when I was much closer to my English Lit days. Frankly, this old man has now forgotten many of the details cited in this odd essay.)