The only significant upset was Murray State’s humiliation of 5th-seeded Marquette. Elsewhere, although there were some close calls, everything went pretty much as expected.

(Many people think Murray State was underrated in the tourney, and that their star, Ja Morant, could be the best player in the country. Morant had 16 assists in the game, while the entire Marquette team could muster only 6! He also had 11 rebounds, although he’s a 6’3″ point guard.)

“You! You there!” he shouted to a boy on the street. “What day is this?”

The boy gave a puzzled look. “It’s Shatmas, sir.”

“Good! I haven’t missed it. Here, lad. There’s a big, juicy turkey of a Shatner movie on Netflix. Buy it and deliver it to my house.”

On this, the most sacred day of the Other Crap calendar, we honor the man who has given the world more bad acting, bad singing and “other crap” than anyone in history.

Here’s wishing you and yours a joyous Bill Shatner Birthday. Merry Shatmas to all, and to all a good night.

And to you, Bill Shatner, if you read this or even if you don’t, may you live in good health forever!