Americans overwhelmingly believe Trump is a criminal

By an overwhelming margin (64-24), Americans believe Trump committed crimes before his election.

Americans also believe Michael Cohen’s word over Trump’s by a substantial margin of 50-35. You know your credibility is taking a hit when significantly more people prefer to take the word of a guy who is headed to the calaboose specifically for lying!


* say 65 to 30 percent that Trump is not honest, his worst grade ever on that
character trait.

* and say 71 to 22 percent that he is a poor role model for children

That’s overwhelmingly negative, but I can’t believe it’s even that positive. Quick extrapolation: it must be true that one of every five Americans thinks that Trump is an honest guy and a good role model for children! What must their lives be like?

5 thoughts on “Americans overwhelmingly believe Trump is a criminal

  1. And 40% still support Trump. So, roughly 40% of Trump’s supporters believe he is a criminal.

    1. Yup. I think that’s a given, and your math is solid. Many Trump supporters are fully aware that he is a criminal and don’t care.

      Dennis Miller more or less says this outright in his new comedy special, and he’s not talking in the abstract, but about himself. His basic argument is: Trump is a complete asshole, but he’s OUR asshole.

      Miller says something like “Trump is a rough character, but I like the results, and I like that he knows how to get under the liberals’ skins.”

      1. We have not had a major war in a long time. People have forgotten that you have to keep the rhetoric and fanaticism within limits, or it can lead to actual bloodshed. Or they have no idea what 20th/21st century bloodshed is actually like, and think it would be kind of cool.

        And they also think that their opponents are gutless and will not fight, if it comes to that. The South made the exactly the same mistakes back in 1861. The people who go to CPAC and cheer Trump seem to be aching to make them now.

      2. I remember hearing Ron Silver telling a story about Clinton’s first inauguration. There was a military jet flyover and he said something to the effect that he was troubled by the military display, then he paused and smiled as he realized “those are our (meaning the Democrats and/or liberals) planes now.” A decade later, if I recall correctly he actually became a GWB supporter (in the wake of 9/11).

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