Demi Moore topless with her original factory equipment

Demi Moore in Blame it on Rio (1984)

3 thoughts on “Demi Moore topless with her original factory equipment

  1. I was friends with MJ for several years on FB, and that woman writes the most bizarre, nonsensical, stupid posts I’ve ever seen. At first I was going to contact her to say hello, then I thought, “I don’t want to know this person.” Her dim bulb is probably the main reason why she never got far in the entertainment industry. I think she still looks okay though.

  2. I can’t remember another actress whose big uns “went south” as quickly as MJ’s.

  3. She was obviously intimidated by mammoth-chested Michelle Johnson in this scene, with the hair over her boobs. Funny how their careers turned out though; Johnson rushed directly into total obscurity, and Demi went & bought herself her own pair of mammoth tits and had success.

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