“Late-Night Hosts Take Aim at College Admissions Bribery Scandal”

“On NBC, Late Night’s Meyers made light of Loughlin and Huffman’s involvement in the $25 million scheme: ‘It’s the worst thing Huffman’s done and the second-worst thing Loughlin has,’ he said, as an image of Fuller House, the Netflix reboot of Full House, flashed on the screen.”

3 thoughts on ““Late-Night Hosts Take Aim at College Admissions Bribery Scandal”

  1. Being around higher ed most of my life this is the least surprising scandal of all time. Athletic scholarships, endowed chairs, building naming…there are hundreds of ways to get into the college of your choice without having good grades. Most universities give scholarships based on diversity, needs, special talents, etc. Your relatives could craft a scholarship to fit just one person. This is only a scandal if you thought college admission was a level playing field to begin with.

    1. Oh, what I could tell you about the corporate world. This is done many times every day, although it isn’t called a bribe. The usual term is “campaign contribution,” and it’s usually done through a third party lawyer and deducted as “outside professional fees.”

      We aren’t that much less corrupt than Mexico, but we are better at disguising it.

      This is the same general idea as the Trump/Cohen connection. A company pays an attorney fees, and the attorney offers the actual “campaign contribution.” This is completely legal UNLESS there is a specific “tit for tat” understanding, which of course there actually is, but it’s impossible to prove unless one of the parties rats it out.

      In the case of Trump and Cohen, they left too much of a paper trail (these things should be discussed face-to-face with no e-mails or phone records, just two people having lunch), and Trump/Cohen were dealing with people who were not guaranteed to stay quiet. (A sitting judge or a congressman is not going to admit he took hush-money or bribe money because he has everything to lose. In contrast, Stormy Daniels had more to gain by squawking than by keeping quiet.)

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