Michael Avenatti arrested

Michael Avenatti arrested on federal charges of extortion, bank fraud and wire fraud

Well, at least one egomaniacal, narcissistic blowhard got his comeuppance.

9 thoughts on “Michael Avenatti arrested

  1. Sounds like a witch hunt to me! The Trump Justice Department likely had him arrested on fake news.

    After all, Trump did say that he was going out for revenge.

      1. Oh really? When the MSM is going after Republicans, it is for ‘justice’, but when they go after the Democrats, it’s a travesty. Wow….

        1. [in best Foghorn Leghorn voice] That was I say son, that was a JOKE. Ah keep pitchin’ ’em and you keep swing-and-missin’.

          Admittedly not as funny a joke as Avenatti for pres.

          A sleazy corrupt *attorney*? That must be a mis-print.

  2. Didn’t he at least joke about running for President? Does this hurt or help his chances? I can’t tell any more.

    1. I hadn’t thought it through, but you are right. In a post-Trumpian world, this makes him Presidential!

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