Rosamund Pike very naked in A Private War (.gif)

The person who captured this scene slowed down and brightened the open-leg shot.

Our kind of perve!

I really like Pike, and she’s obviously still beautiful at 40, but I wish she had been into scenes like this when she was 25. A quick open-beaver shot could even have kept me awake during Pride and Prejudice.

I might even go so far as to say that it might keep me awake in a Terrence Malick film.

Naw, probably not

Perhaps that might work in certain circumstances: (1) Malick would have to place it near the end of the film, thus forcing me to stay awake; (2) I would have to watch it in a theater, thus preventing me from fast-forwarding to the nudity.

3 thoughts on “Rosamund Pike very naked in A Private War (.gif)

  1. Why do all the links to giant.gifycat try to force a download when you’re using a mobile? The links don’t even work, they’re literally just a file. I don’t think a single link from the last two days updates has been to anything other than a ‘webcamvideo’ RAR file.

  2. Yeah. Same problem here. It must be an encoding issue. They are incoded in a software format the module phone doesn’t understand so it assumes it’s a file to download.

    1. Weird!

      I wasn’t aware of that. (I don’t create them. They are always 3rd-party files.)

      I normally use an emulator to simulate Android phones, and two common iPhones, and these links play fine on all three. Then, just now, I switched to a different emulator, and again everything worked fine.

      They are just .mp4 files with a proprietary extension, so you’d think they would be playable by anything that can play .mp4s. You can probably set your mobile device to interpret them properly, but given your points, I’ll just stop linking to them.

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