Sexy Pictures from Fyred Festival

A gallery for those of you with more time available than I have. I guess the whole porn world was there, and I suppose they are celebrities in the broadest definition of the word. I wouldn’t know even the most famous ones. I think the last porn I tried to watch was Deep Throat, and I only made it through a few minutes of that.

2 thoughts on “Sexy Pictures from Fyred Festival

  1. A surprisingly snide comment from you, Scoop.

    You’ve published photos of genuine no-name talents like obscure American reality TV stars and “social influencers”.

    A bit surprised to read you pouring scorn on the porn world.

    1. There’s no scorn. Just ignorance.

      I didn’t say anything negative about the porn world. I just don’t know anything about it, so on a list of the most famous contemporary porn stars, I recognize no names at all, not even one. I think more than half of Americans would be in the same boat. In contrast, everyone knows the Kardashians, although they probably have less talent than the porn stars.

      Celebrity is defined by fame. The more people that know you, the more famous you are, the bigger a celebrity you are.

      In that sense, porn stars are very minor celebrities …

      and (to me) not celebrities at all, since I don’t have any idea who they are.

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