“Steven Spielberg Wants To Destroy Netflix Movies”

Spielberg wants to lead a discussion in April in order to convince the institute to no longer recognize Netflix movies.”

4 thoughts on ““Steven Spielberg Wants To Destroy Netflix Movies”

    1. I think I’m with Tanner on this one. The movie theater does seem to be an endangered species, which only excites people with “tentpole” event-style pics. I used to love to go to the theater to see serious films, but why do that now? They are available everywhere for home viewing, and home media is so good now that it just about duplicates the theatrical experience. (Some say the immersion is even better at home.) Plus the home experience starts and ends on my schedule, not the theater’s. If I can’t sleep at 3 AM, I can pop ROMA into the box. I watched all of the Oscar nominees except one at home, either alone or with friends.

      (The one exception: I took my daughter to see The Favourite when she visited me at Christmas time. I enjoyed that, but the show ended at an awkward time, too late to get a coffee and pie and talk about the film, and ten degrees below zero when we left the theater. Screw that.)

      The only type of film I would go to see in a theater now is the type where I would enjoy listening to the audience reaction – the oohs and aahs and screams and laughter. But a small, serious film? Never.

  1. Movie theaters survive for two reasons. First there are the huge blockbusters that people do not want to wait even a few months to see at home, such as an MCU film, a Star Wars film, or (some) DC films. Second are people who need some place to take a date.

    I signed up for AMC A-List, even though there are no AMC theaters particularly convenient to me. But I can get to the AMC 25 in Times Square for the cost of a subway ride (and an hour + each way). For $20/month I get 3 free movies a week (including Imax, 3D, and AMC Prime). I saw Alita Battle Angel in “Laser Imax” and the price on my ticket was $24.29 (for a matinee) and it cost me nothing (except the monthly fee). But I don’t think I have seen more than one movie in any week, because even free it’s a hassle to go to the theater. I already have my Imax ticket for Captain Marvel on Friday. I may end up seeing that multiple times next week. Of course if more and more people use services like this it’s going to end up costing $50 for a soda.

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